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Time Critical Solutions Worldwide is ready for crucial shipments

Posted on March 3 by Mr. Sander van Woesik

Time Critical Solutions Worldwide (TCS) has started their operations effective February 1st. This neutral and independent company, founded by Sander van Woesik offers premium time-critical services to freight forwarders around the globe.

TCS is a Dutch company, based at Schiphol Airport. The team behind the name is experienced and seasoned with a well-known and trustworthy reputation in handling time-critical shipments from any pick-up location to any address in the world.

The company is led by Sander van Woesik, a cargo aviation professional with more than 40 years of experience. He knows the added value of time-critical services very well. Van Woesik: “Manufacturers and suppliers are located in different corners of the world and I noticed an increasing demand of onboard couriers (OBC) to avoid disruption of production lines. After thorough research, I started my own company. Our TCS Desk is 24/7/365 in operation, giving the best possible service to our customers who we consider as part of our team.”

TCS not only understands the requirements of freight forwarders and their customers in industries like Automotive, Aerospace/Aviation, Energy, Fashion, Health Care, Pharma and Maritime very well; TCS also has in-depth knowledge how airlines and
local customs authorities operate.

24/7/365 TCS services:
Onboard couriers, global network coverage
Air Cargo Charter
Tailor-made Road Transport Intra Europe

Note to the editor
For more information on TCS Worldwide: Mr. Sander van Woesik, General Manager
E:   M: +31 6 8278 6118  |

24/7 TCS Desk:  E:  |  T: +31 20 247 9999